HacKIDemia DIY Biohacking

Maker workshop for kids
We are inviting parents and their kids for a morning of DIYbio hacking workshop. Kids will learn to extract DNA from fruits, hack a webcam to make a microscope, prepare a slide for microscopy as well as to make models of DNA molecules. We had also added an additional activity of making your own homemade Sugru (a mouldable/castable rubber)!

The workshop will be held at EcoLab. Meet us outside the Visitors' Service Centre at the entrance of the Science Centre at 920am on 30 November 2013.

* Admission to Science Centre applies to non-members i.e. parents and child(ren) will have purchase admission tickets to enter the Science Centre grounds if they are not members. Therefore we encourage all parents to sign up for individual or family membership to enjoy FREE admission to Science Centre for one or two years. We will be committed to run at least four HacKIDemia workshops at the Science Centre next year!

Sat Nov 30, 2013
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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Science Centre Singapore
One child SOLD OUT $20.00
One adult/parent FULL
One child (*exclude admission to Science Centre) SOLD OUT $20.00
One child (member of Sci Ctr) SOLD OUT $20.00
One child (non-member of Sci Ctr. Admission not included) SOLD OUT $20.00
One child (member of Science Centre Singapore) SOLD OUT $20.00
One child (non-member of Science Centre Singapore. Admission fee $6 not included) SOLD OUT $20.00
Venue Address
15 Science Centre Road Singapore
William Hooi

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